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In order to graduate, the student must complete 1528 hours of course study and score 70% or better on the written final examination. The student must also satisfy all financial obligations to the University. After completing this program the student will receive a diploma and is eligible to take the North Carolina State Board Exam for Licensing as a Barber/Stylist and is certified to work in or own and manage his/her own barber-styling shop.

1528 Hour Full-time program: 14 – 17 months at 24 hours per week

1528 Hour Part – time program: 15 – 18 months at 22 hours per week

The objective of the Barber-Stylist program is to teach each aspiring Barber-Stylist the necessary technical skill, which will enable him/her to pass the NC State Board of Barber Examiners Test.

Students who complete the Barber-Stylist program will be eligible to take the state board exam for licensure.

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